Older. Wiser?

Well, I have done a fair share of reading now. So that is why I am writing again. The movie Finding Forrester was also a flint that helped the reading “knife” expose a new realm of wisdom to me. Philosophy. The love of wisdom. I never knew that that was what it meant before I was 19. Did you?

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I guess for some people, celebrating the new year serves as a turning point in one’s life. A chance to quantify and take charge of prospective changes they want to implement in a year. Resolutions as desires to have control over the unknowable future.

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The trouble is, you think you have time. When the hands of time stop ticking for you, when the last grain of sand in the timer falls, it is only then that you will realize how precious time really was.

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Having gratitude is not enough. To have gratitude is to be grateful for the things in life. It is good to be grateful, but it is even greater to be appreciative of what you have. You can be grateful of having a roof over your head, food on the dinner table and a family that loves you, but that does not necessarily mean that you appreciate and value them.

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